Here are a few tips which could save you wasting clicks and budget on your Facebook Pay Per Click.

With Facebook Pay Per Click you can choose whether to send traffic to your website directly or to your Facebook Page. If you don’t regularly update your Facebook page then it is worth while spending people to your website otherwise the clicks may be wasted.

Make sure that you set the country, state/province or city that you want target otherwise you will end up getting traffic and clicks from unwanted locations that you cant service.

If you choose to set your Pay Per Click Campaign by city, you can then also a set radius which will make your pay per click campaign more targeted.

You can also set your Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing campaign by gender, ages, interests, hobbies, relationship, education and workplace.

Make sure that you don’t add to many of the above areas otherwise you will not get the exposure your pay per click campaign needs, but then again don’t make it to broad otherwise you wont get the best quality traffic to your site.

The cost per click that Facebook will charge will depend on all of the above factors so you will need to play around with the targeting to get the best cost per click in your pay per click campaign.

The cost that you will pay per click will also depend on how relevant your title and advert is. We have specialise in house that have the knowledge of how to get the best cost per click without you spending hours trying to write the perfect advert and the perfect location and targeting.


There are lots of companies out there that offer Facebook pay per click that will guarantee you thousands or even millions of impressions, however an impression is when your advert appears on a page and does not necessarily mean that the user has seen the adverts. You need people to click on your advert as these people are potential customer.
By having thousands of impressions see your advert may only lead to a few clicks, so make sure that you pay for clicks and not impressions.

The clicks are the important factor to make sure that you are promoting your business and not just your shop window (advert)