To create a website for your business is not an overwhelming task. The main point is to find that ‘mix’ that will portray your company as a professional business online.

Here are the basic points to consider:

Market Research

This is a very big factor in seeing who your competition are and what they are doing. In carrying this research out on other businesses, you will start to get a picture of what they are offering and how they are presenting it online. This will show you what is working well and what is not.

You want to try and avoid creating a hard-to-use and unimaginative website that takes a long time to load up. This will cause a negative effect to your business and ultimately make you scare customers away rather than engage them on your website.

A good website is not only one that looks fantastic and easy to the eye, but works well, has unique functioning and has well organised information.

Website Goals

This is a very important factor that many web developers miss. The primary goals of your website must be featured and highlighted and what you want your website to do; whether it be provide leads for your business or provide the complete good or service through the site.

It could simply be to show customers who you are and what you do.

It can even be a combination of all the above points and more, but the strong point is to get your business ideas across to customers in a way that will be easily understood to everyone.

Try not to create a site which has all primary goals because it will end up not being a very good one. Try and make the site have one primary function and perhaps three or four secondary functions.

Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan will make for a good website.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you are spreading your business marketing across different platforms and not just on ‘Google listing traffic’. That way you will attract customers from different angles and from different areas.

How to Sell

Your website is basically similar to a brochure so make sure you portray yourself in the way in which you wish to be viewed.

Depending on your goals this will be reflected on your site.

As well as being your brochure, your site can also collect information about the customers that are viewing it and also it can help customers request information from you.

As well as listing what your company can do, also list your success stories and big name clients that you have dealt with etc. This will help the potential customer feel more comfortable with your business and help build trust.

The most important point of all Is not to do everything at once! Do it all instages and this will create a gradual building process to your new website.

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