Marketing Agencies like to use the term maximising your online exposure but what does it actually mean? Essentially it’s making sure that your business appears wherever and whenever a potential client is looking online.

There are many ways you can do this, one of which is to submit yourself to all the major search engines and other sites such as shopwiki which are all free. Two of the most important ones are Google Places and more importantly for online retailers is google shopping.

Being on Google Shopping for online retailers is a must. Customers with smartphones are using Google Shopping to find your products with the Google Shopping app for both Android and iPhone. Other mobile users access Google Shopping listings using Google for Mobile. Not only will you get exposure through the growing mobile market but also from the traditional desktop searches. Whenever you search for a product on Google the top three relevant products from Google Shopping always come up.

What’s even more important is that any clicks via Google Shopping are completely free. Where else can you get such high profile exposure for free? You can submit your site through Google Merchant Center using your existing Google account.

Like Google Shopping, Google Places is prime spot for your business. Your customers are almost definitely using Google Places. Google VP Marissa Mayer stated earlier this year that 20 percent of desktop searches were local, while 40 percent of mobile searches were local. Like Merchant Center there are many ways that your customer can accesses google places or google maps as its also known, smartphones users can use the Google Places app for Android and iPhone. Other mobile users access Google Shopping listings using Google for Mobile.

Finally just like merchant center clicks you your map listing is completely free.

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