New data has started to show that the way we search and shop online is increasingly changing and being done using tablets. More and more people are searching online using iPads and other tablets.
If your business advertises on Adwords then you must understand how, when and why people use the net and change your strategies to adapt.

Different devices are used at different times of the day. For example Desktop PCs are used mainly in the daytime from 8am to 6pm which is predominantly business hours. Smartphone usage is constant throughout the day but has small peaks early on and late on in the day. This is because people use them more during the commute to and from work. Tablet usage is very low during the day but increases dramatically in the evening when people are at home or in their leisure time.
Tablets are mainly for personal use and this is reflected in what people view on them or use them for.

The trend seems to be that during the week nearly half of tablet users use their tablet while watching TV, eating or cooking. They use it mainly for checking emails, watching Youtube videos or playing games. This is classed as “Short Burst” usage. At the weekends this trend changes because people have more free time to view movies or TV shows on their tablet.

Many of the activities done on a tablet are also done on smartphones. This changes the dimension of device usage as people will start searching and shopping online on their smartphone or desktop PC and then complete their shopping and ordering securely on their tablet in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

If you advertise on Google then expect all your viewers to be using different devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones so their searching habits and trends and what is displayed in their search results will all be completely different.

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