Three main topics to make sure you focus on in your Pay Per Click campaigns are:

  • Timing – By putting a kind of time limit on your advertisement this will help push the advert more into users ideas and thoughts, thus engaging them more into the ad.
  • Knowledge of your products – Knowing your product will help you describe it in a matter of a few words or phrases. The more you emphasise your campaign on the key selling points of your product the more information potential customers will have straight away.It sounds stupid to ask if you know your products, but the more you do then the easier you will be able to portray the key points of your products to your audience,
  • Twitter – If you are used to using Twitter regularly and making regular tweets, then you will be used to writing statements or phrases that are within the certain character restrictions imposed by Twitter. This is a good method to help you with your PPC phrases.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tips and help with planning PPC campaigns.

To take this complicated task away from you and have no hassle then why not enquire with us how we can improve and make more efficient your campaign.