As SEO and social media are blurring into one entity, it is vital that all businesses stay up to date with new and quick ways to raise their brand awareness which will in turn engage their audience.
Google+ is a bit different to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter because it can help your business focus more on engaging with your audience in direct discussion with immediate feedback and provide them with exclusive content sharing information which also includes live audio and video chat.This can all be done through the new ‘Hangout’ function.

This can enable one to one chat with visuals and audio and creates the atmosphere that you are there with your audience instead of behind a computer screen. For example, the Black Eyed Peas hosted a session backstage with their friends after a recent concert to show an insight to what their lives are like. Click here to view and understand the possibilities of what this function can open up in terms of reaching a wider audience.

Another example is Michael Dell the head of Dell announced the possibility of using the ‘Hangout’ feature to use for customer support and sales instead of customers calling up.
It is basically a way of video and conference calling but on a much easier to access and wider scale without the use of sophisticated cameras and software and with little knowledge needed by the user.

Google+ is full of new innovative features that are all user friendly. If you would like more information on how to access these features or need help in setting up your Google+ page then please contact us for more information.