It is a surprising fact that most businesses are not attracting local business from their area because they are not advertising correctly for their website, or may not even have a website at all!
Even businesses that attract local customers still do not action properly what to do with them once they are on your site and engaging with your business,
CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is often overlooked by most companies and it is only the bigger organisations that concentrate and act upon turning visitors on a site to actual customers.

I have seen too many successful Google Places campaigns for businesses that link to their website which is rubbish and does not convert traffic into paying customers.
Many businesses overlook this important factor and are just interested in attracting new visitors and not in converting them.

I don’t mean that you will need to go and change your Google Places account but a few things will help increase conversions on your site and especially from local business.
A few pointers to help you increase basic conversion rates:

  • All contact details need to be at the top of your website (email, phone etc.)
  • Your postal or physical address needs to be on every page
  • Are your special offers clear and visible enough for visitors to see on your homepage?
  • You need to update your site with current information as frequently as possible
  • Try to get as many testimonials from your customers as possible on your site
  • Do you have a Latest News section or Blog on your site? If not then look into implementing this

These are just some basic pointers to help you in the right direction.