Bing introduced the social sidebar last year so that you could view your facebook content from your friends while you are surfing online.

Gradually they have been updating the software so that it now has information from other social networks including Klout and Quora. Now that Facebook are about to announce the introduction of Graph Search, Bing have announced that you will now get five times more content in your social sidebar from your friends. Images, Status updates, content and links have all been added to assist you in what you search on the web. Effectively Bing are trying to associate what your friends search and look for on the internet with what you will effectively look at. This information will help you make better decisions on what and how you are searching on the internet.

When search results are combined with friend’s recommendations then your actual search results will not be inundated with social content. All your social content is kept in the sidebar.

In addition to this Bing have also announced that the sidebar will have results for Twitter, Google+, Foursquare and many more.

Will this mark the change of how social media is viewed? Especially now Facebook is starting to hit its peak and users are starting to get tired of it’s repetitiveness. Lets see how this new chapter of social media and the web unfolds…..

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