The web is now a much more demanding and sophisticated place than it was when it first began.
To be successful with the search engines you must keep up with what they do to rank your site.
Algorithms are now very complicated and evolve every day with the way in which the net is used.
Here are ways which are the most common that are failing to keep your website up to date:

  • Bounce Rate – If your site gets good traffic but a high bounce rate then this is a negative factor for your SEO. The algorithms are increasingly using this factor for ranking so you need to keep the main idea of your website at bay, which is to sell your goods or services.
  • Social Buzz – Your site needs to create some kind of media or social buzz which will help in creating natural content which will help your rankings.
  • Inbound Links – Sure you might have many keywords that make you a higher ranking site but without inbound links these are useless. The search engines are more and more using the amount of incoming links to create a picture of how important your pages are. The more creative and interesting your pages are, the more likely people are to link to your pages through their own websites or through social media platforms.
  • Comments – In making it easy and attractive for people to comment on your site, this will encourage natural discussions and debate. This will create original content which is great for rankings. The problem you will have is to get that balance between good comments and having too much bad feedback that will divert people from your site.
  • Keeping up with the ‘Panda’ – Google’s Panda algorithm penalises websites that have duplicate content that is copied word for word across many websites. This also prevents content farms from existing. Another factor that Panda looks at is the quality of your content so make sure your overall site quality is good.

In a nutshell, the outcome is that you must keep your content original and of good quality. This will keep interest in your site and will give the green light to all the search engine algorithms that are out there crawling the web for negative and bad quality content.

By keeping to these few simple points and outlines you will be one step ahead of the rest and attract more and more people to your site.