Microsoft adCenter have announced their latest update which will increase the targeting potential to mobiles and tablets.
The three most important features in the update are:

  • They have rolled out a new budget campaign overview tool, so you can now review your campaigns and budgets much quicker than previously.
  • You can now target more specifically on mobiles by targeting individual mobile operating systems. Such as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, also BlackBerry and Tablet Operating Systems are supported.
  • The ad description character length has been increased from 70 characters to 71. This was to resolve issues with the importing of other advertising products.

Microsoft are now making it much easier to target certain audiences of your choice over all the different browsing platforms such as mobiles and tablets.

adCenter is now becoming much more popular as Bing is slowly increasing it’s share in the search engine stakes.

If you need help in targeting your audience using Microsoft adCenter feel free to contact us.