Bing have announced that they are launching a new series which will help people see how they create their search results. It is like a behind the scenes look at what goes on to produce each individual search result

Google have previously done this producing a series called “Search Quality highlights” that some people reviewed as a way of Google fighting back the accusations of anti-trust or they only produce search results that help their own properties and gains in business.
Google’s series was launched last November and ever since we have seen monthly lists of changes in its search algorithms which have also explained the changes in Panda algorithms and changes in its SafeSearch. They are trying to help people understand what is going on in their world.

Bing have followed suit and produced the ”Search Quality Insights” Series, which will give insights of what trends, searches and people involved in Bing do behind the scenes. They are hoping to explain what research is involved to make only minor changes but that can take many years to research.
Bing does not have the anti-trust transparency issue that Google has, but they have a more important issue that nobody uses the search engine compared to the coverage that Google receives. Bing is just as good as Google so they are using this new series to help push the search engine and explain how it is run from every angle.

Bing in recent times has increased its market share and this is a direct response from them pulling out of their connection with Yahoo.
The first post of the series of blogs explains how Bing blends all of its results from Bing Maps, Bing Video, Bing images and Bing News with direct answers and web listings into something they call “Answer Ranking”. This shows that they do it in a very similar way to how Google does their “Universal Seach”. In a way this helps Google’s issues with people not trusting their search results where 100% unbiased.