More and more mobile websites are being put to the test as an increasing number of consumers are shopping online with their mobile phones.
I will be doing numerous blog entries to help you optimise your mobile site and make it easier for customers to shop online on your site.
The first section I want to discuss is product specification or descriptions.

Product Descriptions / Specifications
This is the main factor in your product listings. Many mobile sites use the full description that an existing site made for desktop PCs will use and also will use information pulled from manufacturer brochures etc. This information is often very long so will not look good on a mobile phone. It will also detract the customer from viewing the page as it is not made to be viewed on a phone. This information is also usually promoting the product itself rather than be optimised for search result listings and has not been edited to fit the needs of mobile phone users.

A better way to present descriptions would be to have a “more info” tab or drop down box which will present the full description if the user requests it. That way your pages will not be full of clutter and jargon.
Descriptions from the manufacturers brochures and websites will be copied all over your competitor websites. This is bad as Google will not identify these as individual listings and will mark them as duplicates thus not appearing in your natural search listings.

Marketing language is used frequently but does not actually describe what the product is or does. The easier and more user friendly a product is described, the more likely a customer will carry on their shopping experience on your site. The more cluttered up a page is on a mobile site, the more likely viewers will divert to an easier and better set out mobile site.

The key is to have more basic terms and keywords in your text rather than more complicated technical jargon.
This way viewers will be able to direct themselves to the pages they want to see in an easier and more simple fashion.
If you can get a good balance between text, specifications and images then your site will attract more users.

Make sure you review what overhauls you are thinking of doing on your mobile site. There is no point in changing a section of your site if your return on investment will not reflect this.

SEO is all about balancing traffic activity with user interaction so make sure you review which areas to look at and work on before you go straight into the deep end and start changing your site!
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