4 new tools have been announced by Google Adwords this week. They will help boost the uptake and awareness of companies who have their own mobile App.
They include:

A new app extension for AdWords
This is currently only available for mobiles and not tablets. It will help advertisers make people more aware that they have their own app. When the advertiser is found in search results, on their ad will be a link making the viewer aware that their is also an app available for that particular company or advertiser. This link will either take the user to Google Play or the Apple App Store depending on what platform the search is being made on and whether there the app is actually available on both platforms..

Additional Information on the Click to Download Ad:
If the particular advert in question has an app associated to it and it is listed like the point above then the user will be able to see an image preview of the app, brief description, pricing and a rating performance indicator. All this information is imported directly from the Apple App store or Google play store.

Ability to see the stats of how much your App has been downloaded:
Google have made it easier by incorporating the conversions of how many users have downloaded your app from the Google Play store straight into your AdWords account. This is not yet available for those companies that have an Apple App.

Custom search ads for mobile apps:
Developers and publishers now have the option to incorporate a custom Google search within their apps. When a user performs a search within one of these apps then the results would be exactly the same as if they were performed normally. The money created from this will be split between Google and the developer or publisher.