A key report actioned by Adobe from Q2 2012 has found that tablets offer more value from mobile search campaigns than PCs do.

Key findings were that Tablets and Smartphone CPC (Cost per Click) prices were lower than those of PCs. Search campaigns and Return on Investment was higher but conversions were lower on Smartphones. This conversion rate will soon gradually increase and overtake PCs as the confidence and usage of Smartphones are on the increase.

Adobe analysed its data from over 250 billion impressions and usage of 46 millions fans from 225 companies in various business sectors which included financial service and retail business industries.

Overall conversions of tablets were 20% higher on average than those of PCs. This is limited to online conversions, which would then mean that offline conversions that are “Smartphone influenced” would most certainly make them more value than PC conversions are and bring them in line with tablets.

It is a well know theory that Smartphone users would research online with their Smartphones and then physically call up or visit stores to purchase, but this is a hard statistic to prove as it is hard to track.