New data from a recent study has concluded that 43 percent of overall volumes of queries run on Google are Local. Yahoo and Bing searches amount to 25 percent each that consist of local queries that are run through the search engines.

These statistics were researched over a 6 day period in September 2012 in USA and Canada.
An extensive database of keywords was researched that included the kind of searches you would think that were for local queries, for example “in Manchester, or near me in London”.

These results were concluded using both PC searches and mobile searches. At an SEO conference in September, a Google representative indirectly stated that half of all mobile searches have a local context.

As predicted across the Internet, mobile use is increasing by the day and this is reflected by how easily accessible search engines are now represented in today’s versions of smartphones. This will only get more and more advanced with time.
Local companies are more and more relying on their business to come from online sources and this has been reflected in these findings.

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