Smartphone users are increasingly using their phones to browse and shop on the web. To keep up with the speed of this trend you must use mobile specific landing pages on your website to optimise conversion rates.
You need to make sure that your site is fully mobile friendly and viewers can easily navigate using which ever device they have.

Tips for Friendly Mobile Landing Pages:

  • Make sure your important content is placed on a part of the page that will be viewed easily and is eye catching. Basically you want all the most important items to be in the first view of the screen by the user instead of in an area that they may have to scroll through or navigate to.
  • Your page must be viewed easily without users having to zoom and pinch to view the content. If your content requires user intervention to view then it will increase the bounce rates dramatically on the page.
  • Content must be to a minimum but keeping all the most important factors that you are wanting the user to view visible. Also it must be all consistent, simple and easily navigable.
  • To make navigation of your site easy you must have readily available content throughout the site, make sure there is a search bar and a back to the home page button. The easier the processes for the user the more likely they are to stay on that page and your site.
  • Make sure that all of your pages are easily readable and scale to each specific device that it is used on. Make sure that your site has responsive design which means it will adapt to whatever device it is viewed on. There are more than 500 different scales that different devices use for webpages!
  • Make sure the font and text size you use are attractive and easy to the eye. The less reason you give potential customers to bounce off your page the more chance you will have them interacting with your site.
  • Load times must be quick. This will help with your natural listings and most importantly keeping the customer on your page!
  • Lastly you must always test your new changes as you will never know what works and what doesn’t. All different sites in different sectors will work differently and some things will work on one site but would not be as effective on another site. Log all your statistics so you can keep track of what works and eventually you can paint a picture of what works for your website.

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