Writing a blog helps with user interaction with your site and makes your website and business appear more friendly to potential customers.

It also enables you to be ranked in Blog Search and the ability to engage with other bloggers. Remember, interaction is key and genuine content that is written and commented on is favoured by Google because it can’t be seen by the algorithms so is seen as genuine fresh content by Google.

Additional to this is the basic factor that you can feed your blogging content into your social media platforms to increase the amount of content and your presence online.

  • Make sure that your content is original and not copied from anywhere else on the web. This is classed as duplicate content by the Search Engines, thus causing a negative effect on your listings.
  • Include genuine author names so that viewers of your blog know they are interacting with a real person which ultimately increases their trust with your company.
  • Include links within each post which navigate to another relevant part of your website. Also make sure that tags and topical keywords are done for each blog. This enhances topical keyword associations.
  • The most basic point but make sure that your blog is relevant to your industry or business type. You would not believe the amount of people that put content on their blog that is nothing to do with their industry. This is seen as good genuine content but the problem is that you will get a higher bounce rate if your blog post is quite highly ranked on a subject other than that of which your business is involved. An exception to this rule is writing about local topics that would interest your local community. This will help with your local presence and keep locals interested.
  • Frequency must be high. You must at least write a blog once a week to keep viewers interested and to keep your blog up to date. Wonderful if you can do a post daily butmore than likely once a week will be sufficient. You want to keep readers interested and not bored, also keep them at bay and do not inundate your blog with lots of blog posts that will ‘scare’ your viewers.
  • Topic of blog posts must be different to keep it interesting.
  • Keeping your blog posts brief and interesting is the key. No need for an essay!

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