Facebook is the most read article on Wikipedia for 2012 in England.

A study of 2012′s most read Wikipedia articles shows the striking differences in what proved popular across the 35 different language versions of the online encyclopaedia.

Below is the English version, you can find a list of the other most viewed top 10 articles in the 35 different languages here

1. Facebook

2. Wiki

3. Deaths in 2012

4. One Direction

5. The Avengers

6. Fifty Shades of Grey

7. 2012 phenomenon

8. The Dark Knight Rises

9. Google

10. The Hunger Games

Not only is Facebook the most read (or shall we say viewed) article on Wikipedia for 2012,  but also the most common search term in the United State, this is according to Experian Marketing Service, as they analysed the top 1,000 search terms from Hitwise data.

This is the 4th year running that the social networking website Facebook has topped this list with 4.13% of all searches which is an increase of 33% from 2011.

Facebook had 4 different terms in the top 10 most searched terms with ‘Facebook’, ‘Facebook login’, ‘facebook.com’ and ‘www.facebook.com’ which accounted for 5.62% of the United States. They were also in the top 10 most visited website for 2012 followed by Google.com in 2nd. View the rest of the top 10 most searched terms goo.gl/XrjO4