The basic factors to increase your SEO and online presence are still being overlooked by many organisations. Get your company or website ahead by taking in the next 5 factors to help improve and increase your online status.

  1. Duplicate Content: This is one of the biggest mistakes that is very common. It is very easy when creating content for your site just to reiterate in the same words the same paragraphs and quotes to bulk up your content quickly. This can have very serious repercussions on your site rankings and what search engines think of your site. Just rememember that the more creative and individual your content is, the higher it will be seen in stature by search engines.
  2. Backlinks: These often get overlooked and are an integral part of your search engine portfolio. This sends the correct signals to search engines and you must make sure that low relevant links are removed and anchor texts must be different and varying. There are many tools online to obtain your backlink profile but the easiest tool would be theGoogle Webmasters Disavow tool.
  3. Social Media: A big must is having social media icons on your home page and sharing buttons and logos. This directs viewers to your social media pages and connects your business mind to your social thinking one. Getting more interaction with people in the social world will create conversations and discussions which creates genuine content, thus increasing your social presence online which in turn increases your social status with the search engines.
  4. Mobile Site: The big talking point for 2013 (As it was in 2012) is the increasing use in people’s everyday lives of smartphones and tablets. This is a bigger and bigger talking point online as more and more organisations and businesses are catering their sites for mobiles and tablets. Think about this factor when you are creating your marketing and SEO plans and if you are thinking of creating a website then the first thing you should consider is if you should have a separate mobile site(to your current website) or a dynamic site that is integrated into your current one so that what ever device your website is viewed on, the user will have the same experience and layout.

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