Google’s market share returned to its 67 percent of search market share that it had in November. It increased from 66.7% that it had in December.

Bing on the other hand increased from 16.3% in December to its highest level of 16.5% in January which is an all time high for them. These figures were helped by Yahoo’s continuing decline in the search market.

These statistics were compiled by comScore when they released their US search engine rankings for January. Click here for the full report.

These results show that the competition in the search engine market is very slowly but surely moving towards a level playing field. It will be a long time until you see it that way as Google have global dominance in this area but the likes of Bing and other players are being more creative and making it harder and harder as time goes by for Google to find it easy in this industry. They still have a very long way to go but it will sure come one day!