Enhanced campaigns in Google AdWords were announced in February 2013 and Google promised they would create more effective and efficient campaigns that would allow businesses to reach their customers across all devices. The aim is to provide Ads that are more relevant to audience’s demands and context and create a greater experience.

Research reveals that now more than ever, people use multiple devices each day including desktop PCs, tablets, Smartphones, web-enabled TV and more. This has drastically changed user behaviour and presents exciting opportunities for marketers. Google is making use of these shifts in user behaviour and has updated AdWords with enhanced campaigns.

Enhanced campaigns have received mixed reception with some of the concerns revolving around control. Positive and negative feedback has been received since they were announced with some experts hailing an important change to AdWords platform.

As an AdWords advertiser, getting to grips with this feature early is critical because firstly, all accounts will be upgraded by 22 July 2013. It also means you can now have the benefit of providing your visitors with more relevant messages by taking into account their location, device and the time of day.

Enhanced campaigns present many other benefits for your business and you can make the most of it by upgrading early and familiarising with its features

  • With enhanced campaigns you can reach users on the go and across multiple devices. This can help you increase web traffic and web sales wherever searchers are.
  • You can use now target users based on their browsing history and send them targeted messages. This increases conversion rates and improves ROI while reducing Ad spend
  • Target users based on their location and this is now more powerful than previous AdWords location targeting features.
  • You won’t have to edit each campaign to respond to various demands, but your Ads can automatically be catered to user context.
  • Advanced reports are now available with more measurability that help you easily track conversions from calls and downloads in the AdWords enhanced campaign reports.

The new enhanced campaigns bring simplicity and this means that features in AdWords that you may once have struggled to use have now been simplified and you now have greater control.

Bids can now be varied across devices like mobile phones, desktop PCs, tablets and across locations and time of the day through a single campaign. Also default bids can be set across devices with adjustments taking place depending on the user platform and context.

Although debates will continue to rumble on about about enhanced campaigns and their effectiveness, the reality is they are here to stay and as an AdWords user it’s important to make the most of them.