Content writing is king right now. It makes a significant impact on how well your site ranks in search engine results. Therefore finding the best content writer is absolutely essential for increased online business success. So what key points should you consider when planning a content strategy?

1.            Think of your readers and walk in their shoes

You can keyword ‘stuff’ (and also be penalised heavily by Google) but more importantly you can successfully alienate readers with this method. The result?  Within seconds potential customers will have clicked away never to return. However:

  • Great content impacts on your business in so many ways:
  • It can enhance your reputation
  • Establish you as a thought-leader or influencer
  • Encourage subscriptions and revisits
  • Give your readers the feel good factor

Remember it’s only great content that gets shared and encourages participation and engagement. Yes, you need to ensure the search engines find your pages but it cannot be run of the mill. You need to include something unique, creative if at all possible. Ask yourself if what you are proposing to publish will make a difference to the community or is it just ‘the same old, same old’?

So the ideal solution is to bear keywords in mind but write the article first. Therefore it is likely you can please your readers and fulfil your SEO simultaneously by fitting in keywords when the creative work is complete. A skilled writer will always be a wise investment as they have the ability to produce content writing for search engine optimisation while keeping articles lively, informative, fresh and engaging.

2.            Ask yourself why your readers are here and what they need to leave knowing.

Using a qualified and experienced writer can actually help you gain authority within your industry or niche. Obviously the information needs to be well researched, accurate and of value to readers. Yet when content is well written and articles are picked up and linked to other sites within your industry then you will gain real benefit from what your content writer is producing.

3.            With this in mind it is a great idea to consider what is termed Link-baiting.

Fantastic content is required. You will know that has happened because it is shared and gains popularity very quickly. So what do you need to consider?

Hot topics within your business niche, significant issues, developments or news all contribute to off page SEO too. This means when linked to other sites SERPS are improved which will assist your branding. This kind of development is unlikely unless you can find a SEO knowledgeable, creative writer who can create an article that is exciting, authoritative and original.

Therefore if you are thinking link-baiting will improve your popularity online, then an investment in a crack writing team is an important element. Yes, you need to please search engines but ultimately to gain tangible improvements in ranking, popularity and industry authority the quality of web content needs to be higher than has been usual in the past.

Hot Click Marketing has a highly experienced and knowledgeable creative team that writes the kind of copy that gets clicks so why not contact us today and see what we can do to improve your SEO with top quality web content.