The whole point of having a business website; or a website that is a business, is to convert visitors/surfers/browsers into paying customers! That is why we are all doing it…but the incredible (and disheartening) fact is up to around 98% of those who come to have a look at your websites are likely to be leaving empty handed – in other words, you aren’t securing conversions from these visitors. That’s the bad news!

But now, thanks to Google Remarketing, we can do something about this. And this is really quite astonishing not to mention exciting…and clever!


Well, in a nutshell the Google Remarketing system actually does something pretty awesome – it makes a note of every single visitor who was initially enticed onto your website but then left without going as far as to buy your product or service. But more extraordinary than that, this programme then tracks where that non-converted visitor goes` next. In other words; Google Remarketing is a bit like a chaperone, following visitors who come and go to see where they go next on their shopping expeditions.

Some might call it stalking – but the thing is Google is already doing the logging of visitors bit; it’s this new dimension of following the vacating visitor to their new website destination that is the latest development to the Google toolbox. However, that is not the best bit. That comes after Google has followed the wandering visitor to this other website. Once that visitor has clicked and begun browsing this new domain – up pops another one of YOUR adverts as a reminder of where they have just come from!

As we said – clever, huh?

The idea behind this evolves from a fact well known in the advertising world that customers react more favourably if they are subjected to seeing the same advertisement repeatedly. Thus Google remarketing helps follow this advertising principle on your behalf, increasing the chances of the once interested visitor returning to your website.

The advantage of using Google Remarketing is that it gives you better value for money with your advertising in its ability to tag along with visitors, reminding them of where they once were via your advert.  It gives your advert a better chance of succeeding, which after all is the name of the game.

Recent statistics have shown that Google Remarketing really works, with some companies reporting an increase in conversions of up to 25%.  You also get the added benefit of choosing which adverts you want to be let loose on with certain visitors, when they arrive at a new website and a range of other options.

Of course one of the main attractions behind the Google Remarketing system is the fact it all stems from Google – the number one search engine in the world.

So, if you are frequently disheartened by the rate your visitors seem to be coming and going without as much as a nod towards your basket, let alone a trip to your checkout, it might be time to consider the range and power of Google Remarketing.