We’ve all heard the stories of how social media has helped to create positive outcomes for politicians in a race, or for businesses competing for new customers. Social media allows the big business people to connect with their consumers, and for the celebrities to connect with their fan base, which essentially are their customers. People feel as though they have some sort of special way to keep in touch with some of their favorite inventors, business moguls and brands. But what if social media turned into a negative means of business?

Perhaps you have heard of the issue that recently took place on British Airways twitter account. A very angry passenger of British Airways decided the best way to get his lost luggage returned would be to berate the company all over Twitter, using promoted tweets. Promoted tweets are bought for a price and then moved to the very top of other users’ twitter feeds so they can see them right away. Anyone who followed the British Airways account was bombarded with this passenger’s tweets about how horrible the company is. One tweet read “@BritishAirways @British_Airways is the worst airline ever. Lost my luggage & can’t even track it down. Absolutely pathetic #britishairways”

Using social media can hurt your business

The British Airways incident is a perfect example of how using social media can hurt your business. The customer in this case got what they wanted, as the luggage was finally found and returned, only after many more berating tweets were posted for the entire world to see. When something like this occurs it is essential to comment on the issue if it is your business or product being called out. A business in the wrong should post a public apology and issue a statement that they are doing everything in their power to fix the situation. Not commenting or posting about such an issue could hurt the business or brand even further.

Ensure your clients enjoy your social media

One way to ensure that clients enjoy your social media feeds is to always give a positive outlook. Do not post in a negative mindset. If you manage your company’s twitter account and are having a bad day emotionally, just don’t post. Or, if you must, simply post a humorous, non-offensive comment that somehow relates to your business. People love seeing visuals more than text, typically. Also, when you share a fun image, the chances of the post being shared increase, which means more views for your business social media page.

Utilize social media with the utmost care

Overall, it is very important for any type of business using social media to ensure that they utilize it with the utmost care. These days, the things you say or show off on social media can either adversely or positively affect you and your business’s reputation. When posting on any business related social media platform you must always use professional language, and be sure to respond to any customer enquiries promptly and with tact. This will ensure a positive experience with social media for your business.

And if you really can’t keep on top of your social media accounts, employ professionals to manage them for you.  It costs less than you might imagine and will make sure that your business is always seen in the most positive light.