Using one of Google’s latest enhancements to AdWords you are now able to give potential customers even more reason to click your ad, introducing Google’s upgraded ad extensions.

The new ad  extensions are an expansion to the standard text that can be displayed in your PPC advertising. Using them you will be able to display more information in your adverts. There were previously four types of ad extension – location, call, ad site links and product. Now added to this list is social annotations, seller ratings, app extensions, review extensions and offer extensions.

Here is a rundown of the ad extensions, both old and new…

Location extensions – allowing you to include the location of your business within your ad, location extensions will help to make your business easier to find for your potential customers. Ideal for customers using their mobile to search.

Call extensions – again an extension specifically designed for mobile search, call extensions allow you to include your business telephone number within your advert.

Site link extensions – allowing you to link to specific pages on your website, site link extensions help you ensure customers land where you want them to and allow you to promote more pages than just the main ad landing page.

Product extensions – product extensions enable you to showcase specific products within your ad

Social annotations – designed for Google + users, social annotations allow you to show how many Google + followers your business has within your ad. Ideal for showcasing your brand reputation

Seller ratings – again good for your brand reputation, seller ratings bring word-of-mouth recommendations to your online advertising by allowing you to show your business ratings in your ad

App extensions – should your business have a mobile app, app extensions will allow you to provide a direct link to launch or download it right from your ad

Review extensions – another extension that’s good for your brand reputation, review extensions allow you include a snippet from a trusted source in your ad

Offer extensions – designed for businesses who have stores in addition to a website, offer extensions allow you to promote in-store coupons within your ad

With these new extensions, you will be able to provide your customers with even more information. These new ad extensions will appear with your ad on Google and in some cases across the Google Display Network.

To demonstrate the usefulness of the new ad extensions, Google used the following example:

“Let’s say you own a bicycle repair shop in Tokyo and Rie, a customer riding a bicycle near your store, gets a flat tyre. When she searches for “bicycle repair” on her mobile phone, she’ll see your ad with a location extension and phone number. She can click the phone number to call you right away for help, or click your address to find her way to your location.”

There is no additional cost to use the new extensions, instead you will be still charged on a pay per click basis as always. Although it is important to note that most ads with extensions will appear above the search results rather than to the side of them, because of this you can often expect to have higher costs per click.