If you have ever wondered whether pay per click advertising produces results you only have to look at some impressive figures from Google in the period July to September this year, which exceeded their expectations.

After hours trading figures revealed that shares in Google rose 6 percent to $941.25, an all-time high for the company.

Great mobile marketing deal from Google

Up 8 per cent from the quarter before, overall paid clicks increased by 28 percent.  However, the cost per click from advertisers declined by 8 percent from the same quarter last year.  This was is not least due to Google’s great deal on mobile advertisements, since the company charges less for these than those on traditional web browsers. So although advertising sales went up during the quarter, the cost per click declined.

More mobile phone users access Youtube

Whilst online marketing professionals have predicted for some time that video marketing will likely take over much of content writing Google CEO, Larry Page, stated that a staggering 40 percent of users accessed You Tube via their mobile phones, and increase of 34 percent compared to two years ago.

Industry leading digital research company eMarketer estimates that the mobile advertisement market will see increased growth globally of 89 percent achieving $16.65 billion this year; compared to $8.8 billion in 2012.

Get on the mobile marketing bandwagon

So if you are not on the mobile marketing bandwagon, it is time to jump on it now.  The chances are that your competitors have already done so and are reaping the rewards that it brings.

Digital marketing tactics change all the time as technology progresses and if your business is not part of the mobile marketing revolution, the success of your business will be infinitely less than that of your competitors.  We have seen some huge household names disappear during the past 5 years and it isn’t coincidence that many of them had a very limited online presence.  Who would have believed that Woolworths would close its doors?  There are obvious merits in having a company that is 100 years old but if it doesn’t move with the times, it can’t survive in today’s digital age.

So many old and established retailers have hit the wall by believing that reputation is enough and we have all seen the devastation of that.

Pay per click is here to stay

Pay per click is here to stay but it isn’t something that all business owners understand.  For small business owners who are concentrating on making sales, marketing can generally be a confusing minefield so the sophisticated nature of digital mobile marketing may be incomprehensible.

To make the most of your marketing budget it is always beneficial to use the services of a Google Adwords Certified Partner, who is an expert in the field of digital marketing.