Imagine walking into a shop where the shelves are cluttered, the windows are dirty, the paint is flaking off the doors and the carpet looks like something that came out of the 60s.  You wouldn’t be terribly impressed would you?  And the business owner probably wouldn’t have many customers.

A website makeover is like dressing your shop window

Many website owners don’t realise that their website is actually their shop window and the first impression that potential customers are going to get of their products or services.  Clichéd though it may be, that first impression will make the difference between a visitor staying on your website or moving rapidly on to the next one.

Today’s internet shopper is highly discerning and wants to see a clean, attractive, easily navigable website and not something which appears to have emerged out of the dark ages; to younger shoppers that could mean a website that is only two years old!

Old and tired websites just don’t cut it anymore

Because there are now millions of websites there is awesome competition in most business sectors and if your website is old and tired looking, you can guarantee that few visitors will hang around long enough to bother to read the first few lines of content on your home page.

Just as you would decorate and maintain a shop, you need to consider updating your website regularly because in reality it is the same thing.   This does not mean that you have to add all the technological bells and whistles but you do need to think about what your customers might find useful.  It may only be ease of navigation, where they can find the product or service they want, read about it and then just click through to the checkout or contact page.  It may be an app that would assist them or it may be a mobile friendly site, a new look, a website makeover or update.

Ask your customers about your website makeover

No matter what it is, you owe it to your business to find out what your customers need from your website.  You could even take the opportunity to run a survey on the website asking your customers what they would like to see change.

Bringing your website into the 21st century is no longer an option; it is a necessity because without doubt your more internet savvy competitors are already on top of this.  And with more than 37 per cent of the UK population buying their products and services online no business can afford not to have a regular website makeover.