Your business has now been made easier to display it’s credentials online by Google introducing My Business.
They are making it easier for your people and customers to find your business and connect with you.

It is basically an amalgamation of all your Google interests put in one place so it is easier for you to interact with customers.
They have also made it easier for you to update and edit your information on Search, Google+ and Maps.
Photos and Videos can be added to show your customers what your business is about.
Updates, news and events can all be shared as well as keeping on top of your Google reviews by managing and replying to them all from one page.

Integration with AdWords Express and Analytics can give you an insight on how people find your business on the web.

All this can be done on the move by installing the iOS and Android apps.

If you already have a Google Places for your business and a Google+ page then don’t worry as all the existing customers are being upgraded to this new experience.

If you are interested or feel like your business’s Google presence needs a spruce up then give us a call or drop us an email.