Understanding the Adwords Auction
Research has shown that potential customers, when searching on the web, are happy with the results returned, provided they are relevant and this includes ads. Advertisers are more likely to achieve engagement by displaying ads that are completely relevant to the service or product they are offering.

Quality matters in the Adwords Auction
Google always considers ad quality when running their Adwords auction, so it’s important to your business to realise that the rank and quality of your ads can be affected in terms of price, position and extensions

Useful video to learn more about your Ad Rank
The video below is well worth watching as it provides vital information regarding you Ad Rank and how it is utilised at auction to define where your ads will be displayed. You will gain greater insight into:

  • The most important factors relating to Ad Rank
  • Ad Rank calculation
  • What should be considered to maximise your Ad Rank
  • The importance of quality of ads
  • Understanding your Quality Score and how it reflects the quality of your ad despite not being a direct measure of the ad

Google has also created a new resource tool “Settling the Quality Score so you will also learn:

  • How to make the best use of this diagnostic tool to improve your Quality Score
  • How to optimize Quality Score components
  • What matters and what doesn’t in relation to ad quality

Ad Rank is defined by relevancy, quality and usefulness of ads
At Hot Click we know that relevance of ads is a major factor in terms of where ads will be displayed so it makes sense for companies to work on this aspect of their online marketing. Good online ads will be good for your business and will satisfy potential customers. Take the time to watch the video because it’s a great resource for you to better understand how the Adwords Auction works.

As always, if you need further information or assistance with your Ad Rank or indeed any aspect of your Adwords campaign you know where we are. We are committed to the success not only of our clients’ businesses but also to ensuring that their online marketing efforts are both affordable and lucrative.