PPC has long been synonymous with Google AdWords and, although the search giant is still the top name in search advertising, the rise of social PPC could see things change one day soon. Especially in B2B marketing, where the big three networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – have all become established advertising platforms.
Each network comes with its own perks, which we’ll go into more detail about today, but they all have one thing in common: they give you a direct link to specific audiences you can’t quite replicate with AdWords. Which could be massive for generating quality leads that turn into conversions – so let’s take a closer look.

Grow your brand with Facebook
Facebook is still the king of helping brands grow their social audience – the only difference is you have to pay for it now with ads. This growth largely comes down to something called social proof, which is where you see how many friends have visited the same company Facebook page, like or comment on a post and other interactions.
Paid Facebook ads also mean you can reach up to 89% of your target audience. This is more than double you get from most types of digital advertising and almost infinitely better than organic reach on the network. While Facebook Offers are a great way to reach out and give people a reason to share your content.

Should I use Facebook Ads?
Every business should probably consider Facebook advertising – especially if you already use the network to reach your audience organically.

Delve into deep analytics with Twitter
Much like Facebook, Twitter comes with a huge range of options for your ad campaigns. Better yet though, it brings deep analytics to the social ads table and it’s turning into a genuine lead generator with features like Twitter Cards.
The downside is Twitter generally works out more expensive, but you can expect a higher engagement rate if you really nail your Twitter ads strategy. This is only one of many important metrics, but if engagement is high on your list of priorities Twitter could be worth the extra investment.

Should I use Twitter Ads?
Twitter is a newer and exciting addition to the social ad scene, but it’s got a lot going for it and If you have the budget you should definitely take a closer look.

LinkedIn let’s you get ultra-specific
LinkedIn is probably the most challenging of the three and certainly the most expensive. In fact, you’ll see conflicting reports on how good LinkedIn is for ads – with a particularly scathing review from WordStream’s Larry Kim.
The truth is LinkedIn has a lot of work to do before it’s ad platform becomes intuitive enough for the masses, but it does work seriously well for some businesses. And one thing you can’t deny is the professional’s network lets you get ultra-specific with your targeting. You can target by country, profession, company size and a range of other filters, while excluding other parameters to get even more specific.

Should I use LinkedIn Ads?
LinkedIn probably isn’t the place to start with search advertising, but if you’re in the B2B game and you need a new approach, it could be one to think about.