AdWords Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost Part Two

We recently started our countdown of the top AdWords mistakes to avoid at all cost and today we’re back with another five for the collection. Last time we focused on the research and planning stages, but this time we want to concentrate on the worst mistakes for campaigns that are up and running.

We see these ones all too often from clients who come to us for help, after getting themselves into a bit of a mess. So, hopefully we can stop you making the same mistakes further down the line by giving you an early heads up.


Mistake #1: You only run one campaign

AdWords success doesn’t come from volume of traffic, it comes from the visitors who are most likely to convert – which calls for relevant campaigns that drive quality traffic. One of the worst mistakes you can make in AdWords is only running one campaign with all your keywords stuffed inside.

Instead you should create separate campaigns for each and every goal you have in your AdWords strategy. Focus on user intent and choose highly relevant keywords for each individual campaign, tightly grouping them together in themes. The idea is to forget vague, general campaigns and create highly focused ad groups that target specific user needs.


Mistake #2: You don’t understand how AdWords budgeting works

This is probably the biggest cause of overspend for most new AdWords advertisers and why many users give up on PPC. It’s a shame to hear so many advertisers have the same problem: their budget disintegrates into thin air, before they even know it, and some even pay more than they expected.

This is why PPC often gets labelled as expensive, but it actually comes down to a misunderstanding of how budgets work on the platform and not taking the time to change your settings accordingly – which is crazy when your money is on the line.


Mistake #3: You don’t invest enough time

You’re not going to get any campaign right from the start and far too many advertisers expect to wing it with AdWords. Success doesn’t happen by accident though and you need to tweak, test, measure and experiment with everything. Get used to the AdWords platform, its interface and make yourself at home – because you’ll be spending a lot of time here if you want to turn your ad spend into profits.


Mistake #4: You don’t use negative keywords

We touched on keywords in the previous article and once again today, but we need to make a special mention for negative keywords. These powerful phrases rule you out of displaying for searches that are related to your campaigns, but offer no value.

Let’s say you’re an accountant in the Manchester area and you plan to start your first AdWords campaign. You don’t want your ads to display for people looking to study accounting in Manchester and negative keywords allow you to block your ads from these searches.


Mistake #5: You don’t use relevant landing pages

Another rookie mistake is linking your ads to irrelevant landing pages and many new advertisers think the homepage will do. This really isn’t a good idea though, because as soon as a user lands on a page and wonders what they have to do next they’ll instinctively hit the back button and carry on looking elsewhere.

Your ads have done their job and earned the click, but you’ve sent another visitor packing within a second of seeing your website. Instead, you need to create relevant landing pages for every campaign that reinforce the message of your ads and show users exactly what they need to do next.


More mistakes to come

We’ll have one more list of mistakes for you shortly and next time we turn our attention to AdWords campaigns that have enjoyed some success, but can’t make it last.