Following Google’s announcement that mobile searches officially outnumber desktop in 10 countries, the tech firm has revealed a string of new AdWords features geared towards smartphone users.

In a shift that Google calls “ad experiences that win the moment,” AdWords’ Jerry Dischler claims the sales funnel is officially dead, replaced by “short bursts of activity” that he’s calling micro-moments. And it’s precisely these tiny interactions Google says its new features will help you leverage more effectively.


Two new ‘mobile’ ad formats

The first new feature is pretty niche, but it could be exciting for car manufacturers and dealers, while hotel owners are in for an even richer Google experience. Let’s start with the Automobile Ads – a completely new product – where users can browse a carousel of car images to see the best of its interior and exterior. Touch the images and searchers will get more info about the car, like max speed, horsepower and MPG, while tapping the “Dealers” link will take them to a results page of local car dealers.

Hotel Ads are already a big part of the Google Search and Maps experience, but there are some upgrades ahead. First of all its ads format is rolling out globally, which means no matter where travellers may be looking for a room they can access the service. Rates, availability, location, reviews and high-res photos are some of the key additions you can expect to see rollout everywhere. And, of course, the option to book right there and then is what it’s all about.


Better Dynamic Search Ads, Automated Bidding and Attribution

Dynamic Search Ads will be redesigned to make it easier for advertisers to track the growing number of interactions with their brand across multiple devices. The product will now crawl sites and automatically organize them into categories – even suggesting CPCs for each of them.

Meanwhile Automated Bidding will come with a new reporting dashboard, which Google claims will provide more transparency and offer greater control of how you track your bid strategies. This will be partially integrated with new attribution features that allow you to set a model for each conversion type and apply them to automated bids. Google is also introducing “data-driven” attribution, which uses your own data to calculate the contribution of individual keywords to conversions.


Google Compare mortgages in the US

This one isn’t much good to us in the UK, but it could be a sign of things to come as Google adds mortgages to its comparison feature in the US. Back in March the search firm launched its car insurance comparison product in the States and this new addition suggests it has no plans to stop there. So don’t be surprised if we start to see other comparison features integrated into the service and a UK rollout down the line.