As the AdWords updates and new features come thick and fast we thought we’d round up some of the key changes from the last month or so.

You can find all the latest AdWords additions and tweaks on the official New AdWords features page, but let’s shed some light on what the latest changes mean for your campaigns.


Keyword Quality Score Reporting Update

Towards the end of July Google announced changes to the way it reports keyword quality scores – a change that only affects the data you get, not the way Google calculates quality scores themselves.

New keywords are now assigned a quality score of 6, until they gain enough impressions to be assigned a quality score of their own. What this means is you won’t be able to see the effect account-wide quality score has on new keywords anymore.

The end result will be newcomers needing to work their way up the quality score ladder to get the best price and performance on new keywords – and to do this you’ll need to build a strong quality score across your account.


Drag-and-drop report editor rolls out

Roughly a week later Google then announced its drag-and-drop report editor is finally rolling out, after more than a year of testing. It’s a welcome upgrade to what has been a painful report running process in the past and now you can enjoy a far slicker, real-time reporting tool.

Now you can create your own customised tables on the fly to present the information you want, in the format you prefer, all in one place. Which means reporting just got a whole lot easier, faster and more intuitive – something new users in particular will appreciate.

You can get more info on the editor at Google’s AdWords blog although full rollout is expected to take a few months.


Automated shopping extensions

Wrapping up our list of new AdWords features are automated shopping extensions which Google announced earlier this month. These extensions come at no extra cost and will be added to your product automatically, based on existing information like shipping fees and price drop info.

The promise is higher click through rates on the basis that users prefer these over promotional text (too true). However, the automated extensions themselves will level out in terms of click through rate as they become the default – what will count then is your images, titles and (importantly) the shipping and price info you have.

The move will put more pressure on retailers to offer free shipping or beat their competitors on price, making it a move that benefits the shopper more than retailer in most cases.


So there you have it, that’s the latest on all the new things happening in AdWords right now and we’ll be back to summarise new features in the future. So be sure to stop by again soon to catch up on all things PPC and follow us on social for regular updates.