Welcome back to our series on PPC jargon, where we’ll be collecting all those tricky phrases into one handy resource. If you joined us for Part A, you’ll have a good idea of what’s in store today: all the key PPC terms beginning with the letter “B” – it really is that simple. Here goes!


Bid – The most you’re willing to pay for a click on any given keyword.

Bid Adjustments – Allow you to show your ads more or less frequently, targeting users based on time, location device and other factors.



Related terms include: Ad Scheduling (or dayparting), Audience Targeting, Device Targeting, Location Targeting, Targeting Methods and Remarketing.


Bid Management – Strategic use of bids, bid types and Automated Rules to lower the cost or increase profits of campaigns.

Bid Management Software – Software packages that automate bid management for you.

Bidding Strategy– A number of bid methods to suit different marketing goals and budget.



*Image from Google Help Center


Billing Threshold A limit determined by AdWords that triggers automatic billing if you reach it within 30 days.



Your threshold will be raised if you reach the limit within 30 days and you can be charged multiple times within those 30 days if you keep reaching thresholds. You can choose to make manual payments if you prefer to be charged less often.

Bing Ads – The AdWords equivalent for Bing and Yahoo! You have other alternatives like Facebook and Twitter advertising, but these come with different systems to suit different marketing goals. Bing Ads is the closest things to a like-for-like AdWords alternative.

Bing Ads Editor – Free software from Microsoft to make campaign editing, management and keyword research easier.

Bing Ads Intelligence – A dedicated keyword tool from Microsoft, designed to operate seamlessly with Excel.

Bidding Software – An alternative name for Bid Management Software.

Bounce Rate – The percentage of visitors who leave your site without viewing a second page.

Broad Match – The default match setting in AdWords that allows your ad to display for similar keywords, related searches and other variations (eg: misspellings, plural or singular forms, etc.)



Broad Match Modifier (BMM) Similar to Broad Match, but excludes synonyms and related searches so your ads display more specifically to your chosen keywords.

Budget (Daily budget) The amount you set for each campaign as an average daily budget. Always remember you can be charged up to 20% more than your set daily budget for any given campaign,

Budget Order – Allows you to set an amount you would like to spend in AdWords over a given time. Setting this to “Unlimited” reverts to your set daily budget for each campaign.

Bulk Edits – Simply means editing more than one thing at a time in your AdWords account.



*Image from Google Help Center

And that’s Part B wrapped up nice and quickly – not too bad, right? And we’ll be back again soon with Part C of our PPC glossary before you know it. If you feel we’ve missed anything in our jargon series so far, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll add your suggestion to the list.