Welcome back to another instalment of our series on PPC jargon and tricky terminology. By now you should have a good idea of what we’re doing, but if you haven’t seen our previous posts, you can think of this as a giant PPC glossary.

So let’s crack on with part C, where you’ll notice plenty of conversions and clear up your CPAs from your CPCs and CTRs.


Call Extensions: One of many ad extensions; this one includes a clickable call button in your mobile ads and a contact number on desktop.



Campaign: A set of ad groups with a shared goal and settings – eg: budget, targeting, etc.

Campaign Status: The status you set any given campaign (eg: pending), which affects all ad groups within it. You can see the different statuses here.

Change History: A tool that lets you see all the changes you have made to your account over the last two years.



*image from Google support


Click: When a user clicks on your ad.

Click Fraud: Clicking a competitor’s ad to increase their spend, bounce rate and hurt performance.

Contextual Targeting: One of numerous targeting options on the Display Network. This displays your ads on relevant sites, based on topics and keywords of your choice.



Conversion: An action you want users to take: buy a product, subscribe to your newsletter, download something, etc.

Conversion Optimiser: A bidding setting that calculates which clicks are most valuable and adjusts your bids, with the aim of increasing conversions.

Conversion Page: The page a user lands on after completing a conversion. You can use this page for conversion tracking and remarketing.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who convert after clicking your ad.

Conversion Tracking: Tracks different types of conversions after your ad is clicked – data you can use to benchmark improvements.



Conversion Window: The number of days conversions are measured after an ad click.

Cookie: Code used to track user behaviour so you can target them with remarketing ads.

Cost per Conversion: How much you spend on average to generate a single conversion.

CPA: AKA Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action is a bidding option that charges when users complete a specific action, like a purchase or email signup. This can also refer to the amount you pay upon each action.

CPC: AKA Cost per Click is a bidding option where you’re charged every time a user clicks on your ad. This can also refer to the amount you pay for each click.


CPM: AKA Cost per Thousand is a pricing system on the Display Network where you pay for every thousand impressions you receive.

CPV: AKA Cost per View is a bidding option for video campaigns where you’re charged per view.

CTR: AKA Click Through Rate is the percentage of people who click your ads after they are displayed.

Okay, that’s it for Part C of our PPC glossary, but we’ll be back with another offering for you next week, so stay tuned.