Today our jargon post looks a little bit different, in the sense we have two smaller sections rolled into one for you. Parts E and F were too small to dedicate individual posts, so you get two for one – you lucky devils!

There’s a good mix of terms in this bunch too, but you’ll see a few of them are actually quite self-explanatory. So let’s get to it and crack on with our next batch of PPC jargon.


Eligible: An ad status that means your ad is still under review, but can display on Google Search and YouTube in the meantime. ‘Eligible’ ads won’t show on the Display Network until they’re approved.


ad-review (1)

Embedded Negatives: A keyword strategy that allows advertisers to show for variations of a keyword, but not the keyword itself.

End Date: The date you set for your ad campaign to end (you can also set an indefinite date).

Enhanced CPC: Also known as Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC) – An automatic bidding feature that raises your bid for more valuable clicks.



Enhanced Campaigns: An AdWords feature that allows advertisers to manage bids for campaigns against multiple variables – like device type, location and time of day.

Exact Match: The most specific keyword match type in AdWords, which means your ad will only display for users who type your precise keyword, exactly as you have written it.

Expected Click Through Rate: A keyword status that roughly indicates how many people may click your ad, when you show for that keyword. There are three statuses: above average, average and below average.


Facebook Ads: A number of ad formats and promoted content options you can deliver to people on their Facebook Feeds.

Facebook Exchange: Also known as FBX – Facebook’s advertising platform that allows you to target users outside of Facebook, based on their browsing history.

Family Status: An AdWords status given to your ads to reflect which audiences your ads are suitable for. The three family statuses are: family safe, non-family and adult.

First Page Bid Estimate: The amount Google estimates you’ll need to bid to display on page one of results.

First Position Bid Estimate: The amount Google estimates you’ll need to bid to display the first position on page one of search results.



Flexible Bid Strategies: A collection of automated bid strategies you can choose from and select for multiple campaigns and ad groups.

Free Clicks: A select number of clicks that won’t be billed – these can include clicks on interactive ads, expandable images and other interactions.

Frequency: The minimum number of times a user will see your display ads over a set period of time.

Frequency Capping: A feature that allows you to limit the number of times a single user sees your ads on the Display Network.


Okay folks, that’s all for this week’s instalment and it looks like we’ll have another double barrel for you next week, with sections G and I combined. And don’t forget we’ll be creating an A-Z of PPC jargon for our website once we’ve finished this series – so you always have a resource to come back to.