Our last post on PPC jargon was a double-barrel offering of parts E and F rolled into one. We also promised we’d be back with another double for you this week and good to our word we have parts G and I for you right here.

If you’re wondering what happened to Part H, the good news is there isn’t one – so that’s one less letter of PPC jargon terms for you to worry about.


Geotargeting: A number of options to target users with ads based on their location (by country, region, specific locations, radius areas, etc.)

Google Analytics: Google’s free analytics and optimisation platform to offer website owners and advertisers insights into how they perform and make calculated improvements.



source: Google Analytics


Google Forwarding Numbers: A unique number Google generates for you to display on your ads. When users call this number they’ll be forwarded to your business number and the conversion will be tracked.

Google Merchant Center: A platform to upload your store data to Google Shopping and other services.



Google Network: The full Google Network, divided into the Search Network and Display Network, where your ads are eligible to show.

Google Wallet: Google’s mobile payment system that lets users store credit card information, for faster digital payments.



Image Ads: Visual ads you can create from within AdWords to show on the Display Network.



Impressions: The number of times any given ad displays.

Impression Share: AKA IS – A number of Impression Share statistics that can tell you a lot about the performance of your keywords and your bids. There’s a lot to Impression Share, so take a look at the AdWords Help page for more info.

Interaction Rate: Shows how often users interact with an ad after it has been displayed. This could be clicks for text ads or views for video ads (both divided by impressions).

Interest Categories: A targeting option that allows you to pinpoint users based on topics of interest.



Invalid Clicks: AKA Click Fraud – Clicks on ads that Google deems to be illegitimate. This will often be competitors clicking on their rivals’ ads to inacrease ad spend and bounce rate – or even clicks generated by malicious software.

Inventory Filters: Allow you to exclude certain products in Google Merchant Center from displaying in Product Listing Ads.


And that’s it for today’s PPC jargon post – nothing too strenuous in there either. The only tricky terms to get your head around is Impression Share, something we’ll go into more detail about next week. As always, you can get in touch in the meantime if you want a more in-depth explanation or help with any other of the terms we have covered so far.