Hey Guys! It’s time for another PPC jargon session and you’ll notice a common theme in today’s list of terms – keywords! Okay, maybe that’s not enough to get you excited, but you’ll certainly want to pay close attention to the Keyword Matching section, if you’ve ever been confused by things like Broad Match Modifiers.

First though, we’ll have a video from the AdWords team to explain Keyword Insertion and we’ll be wrapping things up with a mention for those very important KPIs (aka Key Performance Indicators).


Keyword: A word you bid on to target relevant searches from users and display your ads.

Keyword Bid: A bid placed on individual keywords, rather than letting AdWords or other platforms automate your bids (based on daily budget, for example.)

Keyword Insertion: A feature that inserts keywords into your ads (headlines or text description) to match the search terms of a user. These are displayed in bold with the intention to increase click through rate.


Keyword Matching Options: A number of keyword matching options that let you determine how closely user keywords need to match your own.

Broad Match: Your ads can display for similar phrases and variations.

Broad Match Modifier: Similar to Broad Match, but allows you to set a specific keyword phrase that must be included.

Phrase Match: Sets your ads to only appear for your exact keyword phrase and a small selection of close variants.

Exact Match: Only allows your ads to display for the exact keyword phrase you determine.

Negative Match: Stops your ads from displaying from keywords with this match setting.

Keyword Mining: A common phrase for the process of searching out new keywords.

Keyword Planner: Google’s own keyword tool which you can find within the AdWords tools section.



Keyword Status: A number of statuses set on your keywords, either by yourself or Google.

Keyword Tool: A number of keyword tools by software manufacturers to help you with keyword research.

Note: Not to be confused with Google’s Keyword Tool which was replaced by Keyword Planner in 2013.

KPI: AKA Key Performance Indicator – A series of (trustworthy) metrics you need to define, so you can measure how successful your PPC strategy is.


So that’s it for Part K and the star phrases for you today will probably be that handy keyword insertion feature, the sometimes confusing keyword matching options and those vitally important KPIs. Check back in with us next week for another instalment and don’t be shy to get in touch if you need some help with anything we haven’t covered yet.