It’s time to bust some more PPC jargon right now – and this week we have Part M with a last-minute entry for Negative Keywords. Don’t be mad though, because negatives were all alone in the ‘beginning with N’ section and we couldn’t bare to leave them there.

As for the rest of our list, we have some Manual Bidding for you, plus another entry for Keyword Matching Options – this time under the pseudonym of Match Types. They’re important enough though, so we can let it slide, and we’ve even chucked in a video from the AdWords team to sweeten the deal.


Managed Placement: A Display Network setting that allows you to choose websites, videos and apps where your ads show.



*Image taken from AdWords Help


Manual Bidding: A bid strategy where you choose and manage your maximum bid for each click on your ads, as opposed to Automatic Bidding that allows AdWords to calculate a maximum bid for you.

Manual Tagging: A setting that allows you to manually set your own URL tags for segmenting your PPC data in Google Analytics. Tagging allows you to separate your AdWords traffic data from SEO and other channels. You also have an Auto-Tagging option to let AdWords tag your URLs for you.

You can find out more about tagging from this article over at PPC Hero.

Match Type: AKA Keyword Matching Options – A series of five keyword matching options to help you control which searches trigger your ads.



Max Cost-Per-Click: AKA Max CPC – A bid you set as the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click on any given ad.

Minimum Bid: The amount specified by AdWords or another PPC platform as the minimum bid needed for a specific keyword or keyword group.

Mobile Ad: A series of mobile ad types that can appear on websites and apps on mobile devices. You can see the different types of mobile ads available on AdWords on the help page.



Monthly Invoicing: AKA Credit Line Payment – A payment setting in AdWords where you get monthly credit to cover your advertising costs accordingly. This is typically for larger advertisers and you have to apply – not everyone is eligible.

Multiple Sign-In: A feature that allows you to sign in to multiple Google accounts at any one time – eg: one AdWords account and a separate Gmail account.

Multivariate Testing: A split testing method where you test more than two ads or elements at the same time. Multivariate testing is best saved until you have a firm grasp of A/B testing where only two ads or elements are tested.

Negative Keywords: A type of keyword you set to stop your ad from displaying for that particular word or phrase.


Once again, nothing too scary in there – except maybe Multivariate Testing, which miga few beads of sweat from first-timers. Only kidding! And next week we’ll be back with a combined part for Parts O and P, so hurry back soon.