Google has finally launched its AdWords mobile app for iOS, which means you can now keep track of your account on iPhone and iPad. Google released the app on Android last March, so we pretty much know what to expect. In fact, the only surprise is it took them so long to launch it on iOS, considering the vast majority of advertisers are iPhone users.


AdWords reporting on the go for iOS users

Even If you’re not familiar with the Android version of the app, it won’t come as much of a surprise to learn it largely acts as a reporting tool. There is more to the app than simple reporting – and we’ll come to that shortly – but the point worth making here is how good a reporting tool the AdWords app is.


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Having access to your campaign data everywhere you go is no small thing. It actually becomes pretty addictive and you may wonder how you ever got by without this app. Those instant notifications are especially invaluable and it’s reassuring to know your pocket will buzz when there’s anything wrong with your account.


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Aside from that, the app looks great, functions incredibly well and keeps you in touch with your account, no matter where you are.


Beyond reporting: Account management in your pocket

As we say, there’s more to this app than reporting and Google has done a great job of implementing basic account management features. You can now enable and pause campaigns, ads and keywords from the app, as well as adjust your bids within a few clicks.


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And another really cool feature is campaign recommendations, which suggest improvements you can make. Nothing particularly new there, but the great thing is you can implement the changes with a single click, or ignore them altogether.


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There’s a whole world of things you can’t do with the AdWords app, of course, like create new campaigns, refine your keyword lists or tweak ad copy. That’s absolutely fine, though, because you don’t really want too much going on with this app. The aim, after all, is to simplify advertising by putting some basic features a touch or two away.

This doesn’t mean you won’t see new features coming to the AdWords app in the future, but we’re really impressed with the balance Google has found between simplicity and functionality here