By default we spend most of our time here at Hot Click talking about AdWords advertising. In many ways this makes sense too, because Google is by far the most widely used search advertising platform and certainly the most popular search engine for users.

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves there are other search engines out there, though. Search engines like Bing, for example, which attracts a seemingly modest 20% or so of total search users. Or, in other words, only 4.7 billion searches for you to tap into every month.

Yeah, pretty serious stuff. And here are five ways Bing’s advertising platform is actually better than Google AdWords.


*Image source: Bing Ads

#1: It’s Cheaper than AdWords

We may as well start with the point every advertiser wants to hear. Take a look at this table of cost per clicks for various industries between AdWords and the Yahoo! Bing network:


These stats were collected in a study by AdGooroo and republished by Search Engine Land. This gives you an idea of how much cheaper it can be to compete using Bing Ads. Just take a look at that “Computer and Internet” niche, where advertisers are spending a whopping 117% more per click on AdWords.

On average, those figures weigh up to roughly $1.83/click on AdWords and $1.07/click on Bing Ads.


#2: Bing also lets you set a monthly budget

With AdWords you have no choice but to set a daily budget for your campaigns, but who really works like that in the real world? Google explains how you can calculate your daily budget form a monthly figure, but it doesn’t give you the option to set a monthly budget – even though it knows you’d probably prefer to.

Bing Ads jumps in with a direct option to set your monthly budget, just when you wanted it. Not only is this how the rest of the world normally thinks about budgets (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.), working with daily budgets can get confusing very quickly. Google knows this all to well, of course.


#3: Bing offers more control with search partner targeting

Google allows advertisers to make two choices at the campaign level when it comes to targeting search partners. Either you target Google Search and its search partners or Google Search alone. Bing, on the other hand, offers more transparency and flexibility on this font. You can essentially choose between three options: target the Yahoo! Bing network and search partners, target the Yahoo! Bing network only – or even target search partners only.

More importantly, you can run a report in Bing Ads to see which partners are driving traffic to your site. And, best of all, if you see something you don’t like from one of those partners – like a scarily high CPC – you can exclude that partner without opting out of all the others.


#4: Bing Ads gives you better control over search demographics

Google gives you some limited control over demographics on the Display Network and it has, more recently, thrown in some swanky new targeting options. But what about the Search Network? Well, Google basically leaves you shooting in the dark with regards to search network demographics, but Bing allows you to control the gender and age of people who see your search ads too.


*Image source: WordStream


#5: Bing’s customer service is way better

Aside from struggling to tame those unpredictable CPCs and ad spends, we would have to say the biggest frustration for AdWords users is dealing with the support team. AdWords is great if you get your campaign set up correctly, but if you’re taking the DIY approach and you run into problems, you can’t rely on its support team for much help.

Over at Bing things are a lot different, though. And the reason we think this is important is because Bing will always look like a far more attractive prospect to smaller businesses with smaller budgets. And these firms are more likely to do search advertising for themselves, which means a higher chance of needing some quality customer support.


Time to jump over to Bing Ads?

Well, not so fast there search advertisers! Bing has got some definite advantages over AdWords (namely cost) but Google’s knows what it’s doing. You also need to think about the quality of traffic your advertising platform delivers and this is something we’ll take a closer look at in our upcoming Google AdWords vs Yahoo! Bing feature.