As you probably know already, advertising with AdWords means your ads can display on Google sites, the Display Network and hundreds of non-Google sites that partner with the search giant. Add all that together and you have a fair amount of reach to work with in your AdWords campaigns.

This is one of Google’s strengths in many cases, but we find it ends up being a waste of ad spend for a number of clients. Sometimes that budget would be better spent elsewhere, but Google has a habit of letting you spend your money – whether it’s good for you or not. So let’s take a look at how to stop your ads from showing on Google Search Partners when they’re causing more harm than good.


How to stop your ads showing on Google Search Partners

Before you decide whether to stop showing your ads on the Google Search Partner network, you want to know what kind of traffic those impressions are bringing in. You can do this by segmenting data on the main dashboard or clicking on specific campaigns to see how they’re doing.

All you have to do is click on the Segment tab and select Network (with search partners) from the drop-down list:


Now you can see how much traffic impressions on the Search Partner Network are driving to your site for a better idea of how profitable they are to you. If you decide you want to stop showing your ads on Google partners for any given campaign, you can do this in a few simple clicks.


Select the campaign you want to exclude from Google search partners and hit the Settings tab. Your second option on the next screen will be Networks and this will be set to Google search; Search partners by default.


Click the Edit link to the right and you’ll see a grey box appear with your network settings. Underneath where it says Google Search Network there’s a tick box which opts you in to show on Google partner sites.


Uncheck that box and there you have it. Now your campaign will be excluded from search partner sites and that should help trim your ad spend – simple as that! And we’ll be back with some more Quick Tips very soon, so pay us regular visits or follow us on social for all our latest posts.