Earlier this week Google announced the latest update to AdWords Editor, bringing version 11.3 to an application near you. And along with the update comes three big new features to make account management that extra bit easier for you.

So let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer in the latest update so you can get back to managing those accounts and campaigns in record time.

TrueView video campaigns come to AdWords Editor

The big news is that you can now create and edit TrueView video campaigns from within AdWords Editor. This feature had been requested by a bundle of users and Google has come good with this latest update. You can now add content, change your targeting options and change a number of other settings like maximum cost-per-view.

Note, this only applies to standard TrueView video campaigns. Support for shopping and mobile app installs aren’t part of the deal.


Callout extensions now editable, en masse

Those lovely little callout extensions that let you squeeze tempting info into your ads are now editable in bulk via AdWords Editor. So now changes to your delivery policy or limited offers can be edited across all of your ads from within the editor, making the whole process far more streamlined.

HTML5 ads join the editor family

As part of the push towards HTML5 display ads (and largely away from Flash), Google has added support for HTML5 ads in AdWords Editor. This isn’t restricted to video, though, but also HTML5 image ads – basically everything on the Display Network. And you only have until January 2nd 2017 to make sure all your display ads are HTML5.

So those are the big three features coming out of the latest AdWords Editor update and you can find more info about the update over at Google support. You can also download the latest version of AdWords Editor for Windows and Mac here and we’d love to hear what you think of the new features.