Okay, so today’s quick tip is incredibly simple, but vital for those mobile campaigns of yours. If you’re targeting people with mobile ads, absolutely use mobile specific words in your ad copy. Not only do they confirm to users there’s an action they can take right now via your ads, you can use that sense of urgency to increase clicks and conversions.


Examples of mobile specific ad copy

When people are searching on mobile, they tend to like things short, snappy and seamlessly quick. So why not give that that impression from the moment your ads show to users?


Here you can see three ads that appear when we search for “last minute flights”. Each ad is a good example in its own way. First we have Lastminute.com bagging all that screen coverage thanks to those sitelinks (more on those in a moment). Then we have Lastminute-flight.govoyages.com, which goes for some short, snappy ad copy and mentions those all-important mobile offers.

It’s the next ad we really want to talk about, though.


Forget about site links or ad position for a moment and focus entirely on mobile optimisation, because this is what the guys at Lufthansa.com have done. First, notice that short, easy-to-read mobile display URL on the ad.


Note: the URL that displays on your ad doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the landing page URL. You can shorten it to make it more readable.


First of all that URL tells users the following site is optimised for mobile. Pretty important. But it also reinforces the relevance of the ad. It’s literally made for the device they’re using. The ad copy is great too, considering this was such a generic search (“last minute flights”).


Worldwide Destinations – Low Fares


Go anywhere you like and get there cheaper, basically. And, to cap it all off, a nice mobile call to action: “Book Your Flight Mobile Now”.

What about the other factors?

We mentioned sitelinks in the Lastminute.com ad and they certainly make the ad stand out. But there are no mobile specific words in any of the copy. More importantly, no mobile specific words in the sitelinks. Google allows you to create customised sitelinks for mobile, so use them to your advantage. “10% off on mobile bookings” is a damn sight more exciting than “Flight & Hotels”.

Moving back to the Lufthansa.com ad, the concern would perhaps be ad position in this case. But we think the combination of being third (which often beats position two in the stack) and the mobile optimisation of the ad makes it the strongest ad of all three. It’s only those sitelinks in the Lastminute.com ad that really put up a fight – but not as strong a fight as they should.