Howdy folks, back here again with another quick tip for you. And today it’s all about excluding mobile app traffic from your display campaigns. There’s a time and a place for mobile app traffic, no doubt, but we find many of those clicks come from kids playing games or other clumsy fingers that don’t convert.

So let’s take a look at how to separate the good mobile app traffic from the bad – and how to exclude the latter altogether.


Check your ad placements and conversion history

First up you’ll want to check your ad placements and you can do this by clicking on your display campaign and hitting the Placements tab:


Click the Cost column in the table to sort you placements from highest cost to lowest. Now work your way down and look for any placements within mobile apps that look unlikely to convert. You’ll want to confirm whether this traffic has any conversion potential before you exclude anything, though.

By default your graph in the main dashboard will be set to Clicks for the last seven days.


Change from Clicks to Conversions in the drop down menu and change your time period to the last six months. Now you can check through those suspect app placements and confirm whether they have any conversion potential. You can do this for every mobile app placement if you want to be meticulous about things (and we like meticulous here at Hot Click).

Okay, so now you have your list of lousy mobile app traffic, let’s look at how to exclude them.


Create your exclusion list

The easiest way to go about this will be to create a new exclusion list in your Shared library. This way you can apply it to all of your campaigns. Name your exclusion list something like Mobile App Traffic and add the following URL in your exclusion list:


That’s all you need on your exclusion list so click Save and you’re ready to add it to your campaigns.


Add your exclusion list to display campaigns

Going back to the Placements screen where we started earlier, you’ll find the + EXCLUSIONS button at the bottom of the page:


Give it a click and select Placements from the Campaign exclusions drop-down menu:


Next you’ll want to click the Lists tab and select Mobile App Traffic (or whatever you named your list) and click Save at the bottom of the page.


And that’s all there is to it! Now you’ve excluded any redundant mobile app traffic and trimmed a little extra fat off your ad spend. Run this check few months or so and repeat the same process for any campaigns suffering from mobile app traffic.