Google has revealed a snapshot of an upcoming redesign for the AdWords interface. The current version hasn’t been updated since way back in 2008, but the long-overdue refresh certainly looks the part.

Google tells us it’s “redesigning AdWords for marketing in a mobile-first world,” which signifies another push towards mobile from the world’s biggest search engine. However, the redesign is also an effort from Google to make its AdWords platform more navigable and user friendly. The signs look promising too.


AdWords gets a material makeover


The most obvious thing about this AdWords redesign (when it finally rolls out) will be the visual overhaul. Google is fully invested in its material design philosophy and the update will put AdWords inline with apps like Google Maps, Search and Gmail.

The important point at this stage is no functionality will be changing from the redesign. Your account, campaigns and ad groups will perform in the same way. This doesn’t mean the upgrade will be purely cosmetic though.

Aside from the visuals making key metrics and information easier to digest, the key change is how Google displays those all-important numbers and how you access them. One look at the screenshot above and you can see the nav menu system has already changed. This shift makes the navigation better represents the structure of your AdWords account and subsequent campaigns, making them easier to navigate and manage.

More important, though, is the prominent display of Clicks, Conversions, Cost and CTR data in clear view – as soon as you click a campaign. You also get a clear ranking of your best performing ad groups and a breakdown of performance by device type. That’s a huge amount of information to have available (and easily comprehendible) in one quick view.

Google says it has been listening very carefully to the requests of advertisers and it’s now working to make AdWords a faster, more intuitive platform to use.


When will the update roll out?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with the current version of AdWords for a while yet. Google says this is an ongoing project and a select few advertisers can expect to see changes over the next 12 to 18 months. Full rollout is aimed for the end of 2017 – almost a full decade since the last AdWords redesign.