Facebook’s new live video feature has changed the face of video marketing, yet the most powerful form of visual content remains illusive to many small businesses. Facebook Live will put instant, free video production in the hands of every marketer – but live video isn’t always the way to go.

So today we thought we’d run through five of the top online tools for creating quick, cheap video content. These tools are ideal for smaller businesses who want to get in on the video marketing action but can’t quite stump up the fee for professional video production.




Animoto is a cracking little tool that lets you combine video footage with images, audio and animated text overlays. The end result is by far one of the best you’ll find with these entry-level platforms. Which makes it a cracking deal at $34 (under £25) per month, or less, depending on which package you go for.




Wideo takes a similar approach to Animoto in the sense you can combine images with audio and animations to create your custom videos. The downside is you can’t include recorded footage as you can with Animoto and some of the animations aren’t quite a slick. But the upside of having less features is you have an easier and faster platform to learn and use. Pricing pretty much exactly the same as Animoto.




WeVideo brings back the opportunity to capture your own footage and mix it in with images, audio, corporate logos and even calls to action. An added bonus is you can access stock footage and audio, if creating your own is out of reach – a nice touch. It also comes with a host of publishing and sharing options so you can collaborate and promote in a matter of clicks. The business package will cost you $99 (roughly £70) per year and you can also get quoted for a custom package to meet your needs.




GoAnimate gives you a drag and drop builder to create custom animated videos without the need to hire an animator. Animated make highly engaging explainer videos and a great way to take the bore out of corporate messages. You’ll have to pay a bit more for that privilege with GoAnimte than the other option in our list today, though. The GOPREMIUM account, which you’ll need to remove the GoAnimate logo, will cost you $79/month (just over £55) or $599/year (almost £425). While the GOTEAM package, which is designed for business and agencies costs $159/month (roughly £112) or $999/year (about £705).




Prezi puts a new spin on presentations by bringing them with navigable animations so users can pinch, zoom and scroll their way through your visual story. Not technically videos, Prezis turn presentations into a kind of interactive animation and it’s hard to get more engaging than that. You can get started for free and sign up to a Pro account for an incredibly reasonable $20/month (less than £15). Meanwhile, a Teams account means up to five users can collaborate, which works out roughly three times the price at $795.00/year (about £560).


So no more excuses about video marketing being too costly for smaller businesses. Any one of these tools can get you started on your first video campaigns without the hefty price tags. And it doesn’t cost anything to try out some free trials – so test out a few of these today.