AdWords remarketing allows you to target previous visitors and show them ads as they continue to browse the web. The idea is to keep these people involved with your brand, beyond the first visit, and edge them closer to doing business with you.

It really works too. But that doesn’t mean you want to show remarketing ads to everyone who stumbles across your website. As always in AdWords, relevance is key and today we want to give you a quick reminder of why you should be using country exclusions in your remarketing campaigns.


Without country exclusions, you’re wasting budget

Unless you happen to operate in every single nation with an internet connection, chances are you’re wasting budget without country exclusions. Head over to any of your remarketing campaigns in AdWords and click the Dimensions tab in the top menu.


Then click the View tab underneath and select User locations. This will show you every country your remarketing ads have shown and how much they’ve cost you. Now, if you only operate in the UK you don’t want to be wasting money on clicks from the US or other countries.

Of course, you should be using country exclusions and other location targeting methods on your search ads already. However, your campaign goals and targeting methods can vary a great deal so it pays to exclude locations on your remarketing campaigns.

You can do this by clicking the Settings tab under your campaign and selecting the Locations tab underneath. Click the + Location button, type in the country you want to rule out and select Exclude from your three options to the right:


And there you have it. You can now guarantee only people in the countries important to you see your remarketing ads. Which means less wasted budget, more conversion rates and a generally better ROI from your remarketing efforts.