Google says phone calls generated from AdWords are on the rise. It’s now telling us to expect a 73% increase in calls from ads between 2015 and 2019 – largely thanks to features like mobile click-to-call buttons.

The only problem is tracking these calls can be difficult, but Google is aiming to fix that by introducing imported call conversions to AdWords. This will give you more insights into the kind of calls your ads are generating and help you test new mobile ads for better results.


Imported conversion calls

As Google says itself, the current crop of data on calls from AdWords leaves a lot to be desired. You can only really judge the success of a call from your ads based on the length of any given phone call – at least without using third-party options. Google knows this isn’t really good enough:

“Even though calls are a major source of conversions for many businesses, it can be challenging to measure a consumer journey that starts online from a search ad and ends with an offline conversation” AdWords blog

Imported call conversions will allow you to track when a customer calls directly from your ad or a number on your site after clicking through. You’ll also be able to record details like a customer’s number, the time and length of their call and when their calls turn into a conversion.

These are all things you would normally have to do through a third party application (a CRM). However, you’ll soon be able to get this data directly from within AdWords.

There are various benefits to this (taken from the AdWords blog):


  • Track specific information about your calls, such as each call’s type and value for your business, and tie this to the specific ad and keyword that led to the call.
  • Distinguish between sales calls and support calls, and learn the value each kind of call brings to your business. For example, you can learn when support calls also provide opportunity to upsell or cross-sell.
  • Determine which ads and keywords perform best, and use this information to optimize your campaigns to deliver the calls that you value most and that deliver the best return on investment (ROI)


So imported call conversions are about to make tracking phone conversions from AdWords a whole lot easier. The only potential downside is a limit on who can use them. To set them up you need to first need to have Google forwarding numbers activated. This is no problem in the UK but some countries don’t have this feature available yet. You can check the list of availability here if you need it.