It’s not often we talk about ourselves on this blog but today we’re going to make an exception. Last month, Google introduced Premier Google Partner badges to help you find the best agencies for their specific needs. And we’re very proud to say Hot Click Marketing made the first cut of Premier Google Partners.


What does being a Premier Google Partner say about us?


The whole point of Premier Google Partner badges is to make choosing agencies easier. First of all, they tell you an agency is in the top tier of Google Partners – but they also tell you about their biggest strengths.

Which means you can search for advertising agencies through Google and find companies with a proven track record in the services you need. Here are the four things Google says agencies need to qualify for the premium badge:


  1. Create and complete a Partners company profileso we have the information necessary to list your agency on Google Partner Search.
  2. Get 2 affiliated individuals certified in AdWordsto show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge.
  3. Meet a higher Spend requirement across your managed accounts to show that your agency has a healthy amount of activity.
  4. Meet the Performance requirementby delivering solid overall AdWords revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing your customer base


So Premier Google Partners have more certified pros on board with a history of handling larger accounts. And you can see why we make the grade by visiting our Google Partner page:


As for our specialties, we’ve been recognised for our expertise in search, shopping and mobile advertising.


There are five specialisations you can search for via Google Partners: search, mobile, display, shopping and video. This allows you to find agencies with specific strengths that meet your requirements.

As you can see, we’ve been recognised for our strengths in search and mobile advertising – here’s what Google has to say about the two:


  • Search advertising: “Demonstrated increased product performance and expertise in basic and advanced search concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising search ad campaigns across the search network.”


  • Mobile advertising: “Demonstrated increased product performance and expertise in basic and advanced concepts in mobile advertising, including ad formats, bidding and targeting, and campaign measurement and optimisation.”


So we’re glad to Google’s partner search is making it easier to find the right agency and absolutely thrilled to be included in the top tier of advertising agencies.